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Do I Need Movers?

Do I need movers? Show me movers!

Moving soon? Thinking about doing it yourself or calling friends? With all the stresses of getting a truck, moving heavy furniture, packing, loading, and everything else that comes with moving, it can begin to feel overwhelming.

If moving time is approaching, the question of if you should hire professional movers or do it yourself, is a question that crosses everyone’s mind. Both options have their pros and cons and we are here to break down why you should call the pros.


No matter where you are moving, there are lots of details that you will need to get in order, before you can start. Gathering things like:

  • Moving truck(s)
  • Moving boxes
  • Moving pads
  • Box Dollies
  • Tape
  • Etc.

Before moving, booking a moving truck & gathering moving equipment is one of the first steps that you will have to take to make moving easier. This can take time to complete and having to deal with availability can pose an issue especially if moving dates are set. Not to mention, all of the costs associated with gas, boxes, tape, and other equipment, can really begin to add up quickly!

These are all things included with Let’s Get Moving. We own and operate our own 26ft moving trucks with different equipment for any job. With thousands of square feet of warehouse and equipment, we can handle it all!

Heavy Lifting

As obvious as it may be, the hardest and most time consuming part of moving is the heavy lifting. Especially if you don’t have access to things like dollies or moving straps, lifting heavy furniture will be difficult. Not only is this hard on you and your friend’s/family back, but without the right people or equipment, it can take much more time than necessary.

Being KC’s highest rated movers, we have spent a lot of time getting all of the right equipment and techniques to make moving as easy as possible. With warehouses filled with equipment, and over 10 years of experience, we have perfected speed and efficiency during moving.

Packing & Loading

Along with lifting all of the heavy furniture, carrying lots of boxes usually comes along with moving. But before you can even move the boxes, you will have to buy and pack them. There are always cheap or free ways of gathering boxes and equipment but this usually just means more work and time. And if you do end up purchasing boxes, you will end up paying higher prices and have less options to specific boxes meant for specific things like dishes or paintings.

At Let’s Get Moving, we specialize in packing, unpacking, loading, and everything in between. With multiple different types of available box styles and sizes at our disposal, we utilize all of our equipment to make sure everything we pack & load is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. And because we order the equipment in bulk and have professionals packing, all packing done by Let’s Get Moving is covered with our No Damage Guarantee!


Moving is never perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. One of the biggest cons to moving on your own is insurance. If you damage or break something of yours while moving, you are left to completely repair or replace that item. This can be especially difficult and expensive with items such as antiques, art, or custom furniture.

Instead of dealing with all the risk, a massive benefit to professional movers is the peace of mind knowing that your items are covered. Not only are they being moved by the literal BEST in the business, if something ever does happen, you are covered by our insurance for up to $2 Million Dollars!

So, should you use professional movers?

If you have the time, effort, and help, moving on your own can be a viable option. But for all of those who don’t want to deal with all the stresses of moving, professional movers are the way to go. With centrally located warehouses, moving trucks, equipment, insurance, and know how, why risk moving any other way. Find out everything we are able to do here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can "Let's Get Moving" do?

Let’s Get Moving is the highest rated moving company! Every detail from rearranging furniture within your home, to a full pack and move across the country, we have you covered. We offer free in-home & virtual estimates to work with your schedule while always providing a friendly and transparent experience. Local, long distance, residential, or commercial, we can help every step of the way! Find out more about all of our moving & storage services here.

How to get a free moving quote?

Getting a quote is as easy as tapping a button! There are three ways to get a quote from Let’s Get Moving:

We wanted to make this process as easy as possible so we go step by step with you to gather all the necessary details to provide you with an accurate moving estimate. This usually takes ten minutes to complete and once we have all the information we need, we put together and send you a personalized moving estimate containing all the details of your move!

To find out more about what goes into a quote, you can read more here!

What goes into a moving quote?

There are a few different factors that go into getting a residential or commercial moving quote. To make things a bit more simple, we broke down exactly what goes into our quote!

Type of residence: Are you moving from an apartment, home, or business? In order to create an accurate quote, we need to know what type of location you are moving from and to.

Walk Distance and Obstacles: Will we be carrying your belongings from a driveway directly into a house or into a building with an elevator? Since every move is different, every walk is different. The better understanding we have, the more accurate of a quote we can provide.

Travel Time / Distance: The more accurate the location and addresses provided, the more accurate the quote we can provide.

A complete breakdown of what goes into a moving quote can be found here. 

How do I save money on my move?

To keep costs low, here are some simple steps you can follow:

  • Disconnect any appliances and electronics such as your washer, dryer, tv’s, etc. you can
  • While disconnecting electronics with lots of wires such as cable boxes and game consoles, take pictures of how they are plugged in before you disconnect.This will speed up the connection process.
  • Disassemble any furniture you can such as beds, tables, and desks.
  • Anything that can fit into a box, should be packed into a box.
  • Having boxes packed, ready, and in an easily accessible area such as your garage, can greatly improve moving times.
  • Label all packed boxes so they can quickly be distributed to the correct rooms during the unload process.
  • Direct our professional movers during the unload, to place items in their appropriate locations.

These are just some of the steps you can take to keep costs as low as possible. The less time our crew has to spend on small details, the more money you get to keep in your pocket!

To find out more about how to save money during your move, read the entire list here!

Are there things you can't move?

As the highest rated movers, we will do everything we can to make move day as easy as possible. That being said, there are a few things that due to safety or law, we are not allowed to move. These include:

  • Animals / Pets
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks / Explosive Materials
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Hazardous Waste

If you are worried about an item, just give us a Call or Email and we can help you out!