eCommerce Fulfillment / Third Party Logistics (3PL)

eCommerce Fulfillment / Third Party Logistics 3PL

Let’s Get Moving not only offers moving and storage but ecommerce logistics and fulfillment. If you currently have an ecommerce or brick and mortar store that you are currently self fulfilling or are even dropshipping but looking to begin holding your own stock to ship, Let’s Get Moving is here to help!

Running an ecommerce store, you can quickly find that fulfilling orders can quickly become time consuming and sometimes, not so clear on the most efficient ways to process orders. Understanding what all goes into ecommerce fulfillment or 3PL(Third Party Logistics)

What is 3PL? – 3rd Party Logistics

Third party logistics(3PL) is just a quick way of saying, outsourcing ecommerce logistics including warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment. Here is an easy breakdown of everything that we offer and that goes into ecommerce order fulfillment.


This includes the receiving of your product, whether it is from the US or international. Let’s Get Moving operates out of a large warehouse located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, with thousands of square feet of space and easy docks for loading and unloading your product into our warehouse.


Once the inventory has been received, we then track and store all of your products for simplified and efficient fulfillment. Let’s Get Moving has all of the tools and equipment, in house, to facilitate ecommerce order fulfillment. We also offer expanding space availability so that you have room to grow your business without having to worry about running out of warehouse space.


When a customer places an order on your online ecommerce shop, the fulfillment begins. Let’s Get Moving can directly integrate or build out your backend system to receive, track, pick, pack, and ship products. With limitless options for your online store, we are here to make your online store as streamlined as the big guys.


After your order is picked through our streamlined technology and processes, we then pack your order with all the necessary packing materials and pack in materials. Let’s Get Moving offers different packing options such as customized pack-ins, branded boxes, promotional products, and much more!


Once your order has been packed, it is ready to ship. Let’s Get Moving has accounts with all major shipping companies and can provide easy, fast, and discounted shipping rates. Offering a variety of shipping rates and times, you can decide what’s best for your business.


Finally, though we don’t ever want an order to be returned, it does still happen. Whether it is from a mistake order, something doesn’t fit, or whatever the reason, dealing with returns is a major part of how people view your ecommerce business or store. Let’s Get Moving offers custom solutions to help make sure the return process is as simple and easy for your customers as possible.

Things we can’t fulfill… yet:
Though we offer fulfillment for almost any ecommerce business, there are just a few we cannot facilitate at this time:

  • Food / Beverage (Perishables)
  • Refrigerated Items
  • Explosives
  • Weapons
Kansas City Office
Kansas City Office

Here is a simplified breakdown for how using Let’s Get Moving Fulfillment works:

Connecting to your store.

Let’s Get Moving can connect to all major ecommerce backends such as Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, and more. We work directly with your developer or web creator to begin working out the logistics of how to receive and manage orders. Let’s Get Moving also provides in house web development providing ecommerce solutions that the big guys use!


We then work out getting your products sent directly to our warehouse located in downtown Kansas City, MO. We have thousands of square feet of warehouse space, docks for delivery, shelving, storage, and everything else needed to manage receiving and shipping of most ecommerce products.

Fine Tune.

After getting the logistics out of the way, we then get all of the little details sorted. This includes things such as shipping methods, order pack-ins, customized boxes, loyalty programs, email/sms signups, returns and all of the details that make your shop stick out.

Let’s Get Moving!

Finally, it’s time to go live. We begin the smooth transition to your online store having complete automated fulfillment.

Kansas City Office
Lets Get Moving Crew

Get Fulfillment and Logistics for Your Store!

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