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We Are Let's Get Moving!

Let’s Get Moving started from humble beginnings of a few friends in Kansas City with the American dream of starting a local business with the highest quality service possible and ever since then, we haven’t stopped pursuing that dream. After working in the moving industry since we were wee lads in school, we have seen first hand some of the horror stories that can occur when it comes to moving and since then, we decided that people deserve better and thus Let’s Get Moving LLC. was born.

We first opened shop in Kansas City back in July of 2015 with only one small box truck and a couple friends and since then, we have now grown to become the highest rated moving company in Kansas City offering unparalleled service in an industry that desperately needs it.

Meet Our Team

Co-Owner / Operator

Chase is one of the original founders and a Co-owner of Let’s Get Moving. He was recruited by Stephen for moves back before the days of Let’s Get Moving. There, he and Stephen moved for many years learning every aspect of the moving business and customer service along the way. After seeing countless bad experiences and horror stories, the time had come for a change and thus, Let’s Get Moving was born. Chase now has a beautiful daughter named Violet and a soon to be wife named Haley. Both giving their support of our American dream through hard work and a little elbow grease.

Co-Owner / Operator

Another one of the four original founders and the creator of the name Let’s Get Moving, Kyle has trained and worked in the moving industry since his high school years. Kyle continued to move after high school while attending Missouri State University. He would go to classes during the week and move during the weekends. After two years of commuting and moving on the weekends, Kyle took the leap to move back to KC to invest all of his efforts into LGM. He is career oriented and focuses most of his time towards growing the business showing everyday that hard work and a little muscle goes a long way.

Co-Owner / Operator

Joey also began his moving career back in high school and then onto Missouri State University with Kyle. Similar to Kyle, Joey would commute from school on the weekends to move. After a year, he decided to make the leap and invest all of his time into Let’s Get Moving. Joey focuses most of his time on training workers while also specializing in customer service and relations.

Co-Owner / Operator

Also a founder of Let’s Get Moving, Stephen has moving in his blood. Basically born into the moving business working with his father and other moving companies, he quickly learned all of the intricacies of moving. After recruiting and training Chase, Kyle, and Joey, a friendship grew stronger and an American Dream was born. Stephen helped to start the company by providing capital for the original clunker of a box truck, bought at an auction. He was moving every single day to help grow and perfect the procedures of LGM's daily crews. Stephen has a beautiful baby named Aurora as well as a wife to be named Alix; both continually supports the LGM dream.

Co-Owner / Head of Business Development

Desi is the last of the owners to join. With 8+ years of experience in art, professional marketing, and branding, Desi saw that Let's Get Moving was trying to make a positive change in the way small business and customer service is handled. Without hesitation, he then joined the LGM family. Having been in many different industries, he has seen all the positives and negatives to many different companies and focuses all of his time in the structure, growth, and branding of Let's Get Moving helping to prove that hard work, dedication, and customer service will always succeed in business as well as in life.

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