Hi, my name is Desi Kraus and I’m with Let’s Get Moving here in beautiful Kansas City Missouri. Over the past two and a half years we have grown a huge amount and a big part of it comes down how we started getting customers and leads. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor a couple people so far, kind of the ins and outs of what I do. But usually it’s only in one specific thing. Hopefully we can start making more videos that kind of go more in depth in every little piece about how we do it. Any business owners and entrepreneurs who are in this position might give a little guidance and might help a little bit.

Over the past ten years or so since I was about seventeen years old, I’ve worked for so many types of companies. From big to small and everything in between. I’ve gotten to see all the ins and outs in different industries, either online or in service or product. I’ve gotten to see how a lot of these businesses are structured, how they manage customers and how they actually collect leads and get new customers and through time I’ve gotten to learn a lot of the “do’s and don’ts”. After figuring out works and what doesn’t work and seeing all the dumb mistakes that these businesses have made out of pure stubbornness, I was able to kind of see what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. When I got started with Let’s Get Moving, we were actually still working out of one of the owner’s basements and we would hold meetings there. A really small basement with a ton of guys all talking and being route and stuff like that. And found out pretty quickly that we needed to make some changes and start implementing some of the things that I had gotten to see. It turned out working really really well and hopefully you’ll learn something out of it.

No Friction Rule
So one thing that we implemented here at Let’s Get Moving that has been super important was the No Friction Rule. Now what that means is when you’re trying to get in front of somebody regardless of where it is, most of the time most people aren’t thinking in terms of people looking at it. They’re looking at is as “how do I get a sale” and “how do I get In Front of people” honestly now a days, that’s just purely wrong and not how we do things. Honestly ours works out in a much bigger picture it might have been a little slower in the beginning but I feel it’s a much better way of going about things. So, what do I mean by no friction? Well when we start talking to people we want to figure out where they are actually spending their time. So I’m going to go over roughly our structure how we started getting in front of people and what we were putting in front of them.

The Website
The first thing to worry about was 1# the Website. The reason why is because how you communicate with your customers and leads or just people who have questions is just super important. So, one thing we did was try to make no friction as far as how the website goes. Now what does that mean? I’ve been building websites for ten years now and I’ve got all the ins and outs as far as how you set up the website and how you structure the website for the customer to look at. We won’t be going over that in this video but be on the lookout for our other videos that will cover that and hopefully it’s already done so just check in the description. Once we had the website and once, we started structuring it the main thing was the actual contact form we had. I’ve through time played around with many different forms and different systems and also the questions we ask on the forms to try and get people to connect with us. Lots of other companies that are in our industry actually have longer forms and we have on as well but through testing we found that the fewer questions you have the more likely you’ll have for someone to actually fill it out just because it’s easy and if somebody is genuinely interested and you contact them, they get in touch. It’s actually a really good way in qualifying the leads that you have coming in. Now we use Active Campaigns feel free to look them up, they have free options as well as paid options and that’s what we use to run the forms on our website. I can literally change the forms on their website and it literally automatically puts it on ours. On the back end of there it shows “who filled out the form” “the answers to the questions they provided” and “sends us the answers from the customer that they provide” so we can actually get in touch with them quickly.

That was the first step. Seems a little simple but it definitely takes a little testing and a little time and we’ll provide a video about how it was made and how it was set up. While making the website one thing I focused greatly on was making sure the loads times were really good. One thing that you don’t really read a lot about is how much of a drop off you can have from a site not loading quickly enough. So, most people at least in our circumstance, which I assume is most people these days, we connect with this computer in our pocket that lets us connect with so many different people and websites in an instant. A lot of people don’t really go on websites on the desktop very much anymore except for maybe at work or at home, especially now more than ever. But our statistics show around 90 -95% of all the people who look at our website are on mobile so it was much more important to make sure that our website was mobile friendly, loads quickly and didn’t have issue as far as when people wanted the code to find out who we were and how to contact us. So, when we talk about no friction, this is what we mean. And this is the first step in the major funnel that we are going to talk about.

Dessi Shooting a Let's Get Moving video

Content and Social Media
So, we have the website, we’ve made it really slick. It’s easy, it’s loading, people like to go to it, it’s a simple website that gives all the information we need. How do we get people to go to the website? That’s what we’re talking about with customers and leads. When I started doing it, we started a little slow but we started in the same part and that was social media. This is where most people spend their time and actually consume content, and that is super important. For some reason, many businesses, even though it works and we will talk about it. But by only throwing money in ads; Google, Bing or Next Door or anything like that, your limiting possibility and narrowing how much time people will be consuming your content. Simple question, when somebodies on their phone just scrolling along and having fun, having a good time on it, are they spending most of their times in search engines like Google or are they spending it on Social Media? Answer should be obvious, its social media. So we started by focusing our content on social media content and just content in general. We’re going to talk about how important content is but I’ll break down a few of the levels that we do and then we’ll go more in depth.

1.Social media
2. YouTube
3. Articles and blogs
4. Funnel pages (this is slightly unique and may not apply)
Third party (kind of like Google and Next Door and other things)

Referrals and others
Getting into it, content on all of these platforms is SUPER important. Yes, we spend money and we do ads on these platforms but they would not work if it wasn’t for the actual content we produce. What does that mean? “The quality of your content and having a lot of it is the best thing you can do for your business.” This doesn’t mean going and making stuff and posting stuff on Facebook once a day or once a week and saying “hey we’re selling this!” To put it simply, nobody gives a sh**. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a real estate agent or a service industry or a product that all they post is “Hey look at my product!” Or “Hey, check out my service!” or “look at this cool place” blah blah blah. Nobody gives a sh**! Nobody is going to look to that. So, instead of worry and focusing on that, why not think about the consumer, the person actually consuming that content. That’s something that we’ve majorly focused on here at Let’s Get Moving and it’s benefited us in so many ways that all I can do is try and push so many people to try and do the same thing. STOP WITH THE SALES. Sales are crap. Nobody cares. Yes, it’s a numbers game, of course. Some sales videos work, especially if you have some money behind them. But, if you build a following of people actually following your content it’s usually not ads and those people who actually consume your content and follow you is going to have a far greater impact than any of the sales tactics that you could try to employ or most salesmen employ. I’ve had to work in the car industry selling cars and it’s one of the most soul sucking careers you can be in. I made good money, it’s not about the money, it’s about how you feel and in that industry you just do not feel good. Plus, that industry is just so old in general. So that really pushes our philosophy of not being salesy and just giving genuine content that people will enjoy or actually learn something from. So, what kind of content does that mean?

For us, we are kind of goofy, we joke around a lot in the office so lots of times we have some kind of dumb joke that’s going around or some dumb joke we see. We’ll watch some video that sparks an idea and we’ll just go off on a tangent. So, we’ll record these and make funny goofy videos and they just work for us. We also make “How to videos”. We’re in the moving industry so there’s stuff that to us seems super simple but maybe not to others not so simple. So we do videos like “How to Disassemble a Fridge” or “How to Disconnect & Pad a Washer & Dryer” and “How we move things”, that kind of stuff that can genuinely help somebody. These types of videos and this type of content is what people are actually drawn too. The way I always like to put it is you can spend all your time trying to make one video that is kind of salesy or trying to make all the production quality and make it look amazing and put money behind it and make it go viral. Would you rather have the circumstance of making this ONE video or making a thousand “lower product value videos” but the content is quality and the context is there. Would you rather have those thousand videos out to try and have one go viral or only have one video that you hope if you put a lot of time into and focuses on the sale it might go viral. That is not how it works. Go for context and quality. If you have thousands of videos that go between funny, content and blog or Vlog and all these different things. The likelihood of one taking off or getting bigger, through time you gain an audience of people who want to see it because it’s not salesy. It’s your Truth, the better off you’ll be in the long run. You’re not going to have to pay for the leads because you’re putting the time in now to put out content without expectation. That’s the biggest thing I can say right now. Make content without expectation. If you’re enjoying the content you’re putting out; what you do, your life, your business, how you and your business function, what you can do, teaching something or even funny things, these are so much better than trying to make sales videos that people THINK they have to make. CONTENT IS KING. Do not think you need fancy equipment or anything like that. We started with our phones and just a little handle. You don’t need all the fancy things in the world to start making content that is actual quality and has some context to it and can help people.

Social Media Content
Now where does all this content go? It goes to all the things we talked about. It can go to social media; posts, videos, pictures, text. Depending on the media platform you’re posting on. The type of content on each social media should be a little different as well. Don’t just post the same content across the board. The people on Facebook watching a video look at the video differently than the people who watch a video on Linked In. That’s much more of a business and professional platform. You consume content differently. The same goes for YouTube. When you’re watching a video on Facebook you have a different expectation then YouTube. YouTube has different standards, a longer length. Facebook is trying to start those things but it’s mainly just paying attention and making content and trying to find those nuances for each social media. We’ll actually have another video about this so be sure to keep an eye out for that. All the different social medias and how to advertise on them with budget, without budget and how we do it here.

Articles and Blogs
Articles and blogs and stuff like that are really good for “How To’s” and “Top 10’s”, and this is really about education, or at least that’s how we use it. But having things like “how to do something” is a great way for getting in front of people naturally without putting money behind it. If somebody is looking something up that is related to the business but not necessarily looking for that business; having that content proves that you are an expert in the thing you’re talking about. And if you put something, say the “10 steps to take while buying a house” usually there’s a ton of people who don’t know how loans work, how a home inspector works, what they need to look for when buying a house. All these kinds of things, making a video or articles talking about these things can be super helpful to someone. Somebody finds it and genuinely learns something about it, then you prove you’re an expert about it. If someone did want to find, say a real estate agent and they read this thing looking for an agent then why wouldn’t they go to you? They’ve already found a page where you prove you know what you’re talking about.

Funnel Pages
One of the other things we use is called Funnel Pages. Now this might not be for everybody this is usually a much later of a step. Funnel pages are usually one-page websites that are much more about sales and about a specific aspect that you’re trying to get in front of someone. So, like for us we offer very specific services so sometimes we make pages that fit a specific town or service. That’s not to say this doesn’t have a little sales tactic too because the page itself is intended to try and get a lead or a sale. But the way we run funnel pages tends to be a little different because we focus a lot more on the content and the context of the content. But it’s basically the same thing; we are trying to lead to a form or a website.

Third Party
Third Party; essentially the same thing. Can be anything really that wasn’t mentioned before and this varies so greatly between the different industries. All of those things and all of the different content that you make is the top bar. And you want them all to lead to your website and that’s because that’s where you have your contact. Where you have no friction with somebody who wants to know more about your business, there it is, or if they want to straight up contact you. Boom. There it is. So, if you’re making all this content, it’s all quality and it’s scattered across the board, it’s all going to lead back to your website where you try to get the lead and get in contact with your customer. When people talk about a web or a funnel, that’s essentially what we mean. It’s this massive conglomerate of different things that are all put out with the same intention.

Content is King
Now this isn’t the end of it because once you have this thing functioning, it took us about a year of creating content without any sort of expectation really pushing on different things. Whether its videos or articles or all these different things, we really were trying to make a lot of content that wasn’t focused on the sales and more about the entertainment. And now because we’ve been running it for so long, we have the people that have been following us and really want to see our content, we have referrals coming that don’t cost us any money. Sure, it may have cost money with the work and time we put in, but that’s running a business, you have to give the time. Also, you don’t really need the money if you have the time and the dedication to actually make the content.

No Friction Contact
Once you have them on the website and you’re collecting the leads the main thing you have to worry about is again, no friction. How we have it is that it comes to our email with the information they provided us and we can immediately respond to them through email or phone. These are what we call Hot Leads. Hot leads are people that are calling who are genuinely interested in the service. Not someone who might be interested that I’m going to call back. They took the time to actually fill out a form and try to contact us. Say they want email, that’s one of the things we focused on with email templates to look as professional as possible. This takes away a lot of the friction as well. It makes the look and the professionalism look really well and tight. It gives people confidence with thinking and knowing that this business genuinely cares and has the time to do something like this. It is also important in how quickly you can follow up. Don’t let leads go past 24 hours. It is super important because all it takes is five minutes for somebody to call your business wanting your service or product or whatever it is. If you don’t get in contact with them soon, they’re going to go and contact the next guy down the list. The likelihood of them not doing that is so minimal so being on top of getting in contact and getting back in touch with your people is just as important as all the other thing we talked about.

I would also recommend doing what we did, which takes a little time, which is always managing your customers either through an online CRM, Customer Relationship Manager, or we’ve literally done it with paper and pen if need be. We had written down with a book and paper for so long so no shame in doing that, but at some point, it’s a good idea to digitize and try and have a nice list that’s easy to search for. And it makes things easier on the customer as well because if the customer calls you, you already have the CRM open and know who’s calling you before you even pick up the phone. That’ the kind of stuff that really sets a business apart from other businesses and puts you above and beyond.

So, to recap. You don’t need fancy equipment to start making content. Content is King and I really recommend everyone, especially now more than ever, start making content. Especially if you already have a business, you should already be making content. If you’re not, you’re behind the game. BUT, that doesn’t mean you’re too late. You still have plenty of time in the game, it’s not even the first quarter, make sure to go and start making content. You don’t need the best equipment. Start off with your phone, start with whatever you have. But whatever you have you need to start making now. Second thing, no friction. Think about everything from the side of the customer and your leads. Think about them and what will make it the best and easiest experience for them.

Hopefully I’ll be coming out with a bunch more videos going more in depth about each of the things I was talking about today; the different types of social media, advertising, how to put a website together, email templates. All those things we’ll be going in depth so keep an eye out for it. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. If you like our stuff search for Let’s Get Moving LLC. If you’re on Instagram it’s @letsgetmovingkc, go there and check us out. If you’re already on Facebook you better follow us, its where we come out with all out funny, dumb videos. I obviously recommend watching them lol. Be sure to like, subscribe, all that good stuff. And I will catch you in the next one.