Kyle Allen

Hi! I’m Kyle Allen, one of the owners here at Let’s Get Moving. I am 27 years old and a born and raised Kansas City native who loves this city! I have been moving for over 10 years and started in high school with Stephen bringing me on. I currently handle most of the financials for let’s get moving and have spent a lot of time learning to pick up this skill. I live with my girlfriend, our two dogs and two cats and spend my free time playing video games, reading, and building things with my hands. During COVID i even picked up and started to enjoy cooking! 

Let’s Get Moving is our pride and joy. We have spent a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to build its reputation. Kansas City’s highest rated moving company if you didn’t know! We have 5 stars across the board simply because we care. I like to say we are a customer service company that just happens to move people. Our customers always come first and we do anything we can to make sure they are happy. We are taking this same mentality with us as we open our second branch in Dallas Texas! So follow us on our journey as we become America’s highest rated moving company!