We make a lot of content whether it is for Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or email just to name a few. There is a lot that comes along with creating content online for your business but I continue to see a lot of people making the same mistakes and having the same misconceptions. This is what we want to try and clear up…

When beginning to make content whether it be video or audio, there are easy ways to accomplish getting quality results. Most people think that it comes down to expensive hardware but I am here to tell you that is wrong. What does it take to make quality content? Time, creativity, and work ethic.

Greenscreen Setup

Let’s break it down:

Time – So many people talk a big game but their actions don’t map out to their words. If you are not willing to put in the time to learn and create, you will not succeed. Great things cost great amounts of work. So many of the things we learned while creating content came from the desire to do something or get a specific shot but in order to do it, I had to research and learn how to do it. It was not necessarily hard, but took time to learn.

Creativity – Whatever content you want to create is only limited to creativity because with time, you can learn to achieve almost anything. We have had a numerous amount of times that we had an idea for a funny short videos that ended up turning out 1000X better than anyone expected strictly because I had a vision and creativity to reach that vision. Want to know how to do a specific transition? Google it. Want to make a video more interesting? Use a more interesting way to present information.

Work Ethic – This one seems like a given, but many people expect a lot to happen with minimal work and that is just not true. If you have time and creativity with a work ethic, you are a force to be reckoned with. And l;ike anything, the more time and practice spent on something, the better you will be but make sure your work ethic matches what you want to achieve.

How we did it
When we began making content, we literally began with filming on our cell phones, using the Windows free video editor, and royalty free music. For a long time, this is all we had and we made it work. We actually made videos that were more personable because of the imperfections and used it to our benefit. And because of that, I know that anyone can create great content but it usually comes down to having the three things listed above.

To make things simple, the main point to all this is stop being fancy. If you have a few simple things like a phone and a computer, you can start making content today for free and getting your name out there. It all comes down to if you have the drive to start. Do you?